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Green Brook, NJ


Modern World Photography “Timeless stills of a world in motion”
By Lee Dos Santos

I invite you to walk in my shoes and view the world we live in through my eyes. Modern World Photography specializes in images of faith and devotion, statuary, classic cars, city skylines and scenes of nature. Much of my photography is HDR based “High Dynamic Range”. This technique creates photos with gorgeous, impossible detail and clarity. It is my sincere hope that you will be inspired by the perfect image for your home or office. Celebrate special moments with these unique one-of-a-kind custom gifts for your loved ones or for yourself.

Modern World Photography is also available for special event photography in the entire tri-state area. Details and pricing available by inquiring via email. Event Photos can be purchased on this website.

I have always loved photography. That perfect image capturing a child's whimsical smile at just the right moment or a divine sunset kissing a beach's sandy shoreline. The art of photography, the ability to make an amazing moment stand still forever has always intrigued me. As a child I enjoyed watching my father changing his lenses on his old Minolta for just the right effect. He would spend so much time finding the perfect location and position, to capture that "timeless still" of our family. I admired him so much. My love for photography was born from that experience.

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